Research under the Large Grants programme relates to biodiversity or forest ecology and carbon at the fourteen forest sites created by the Scottish Forest Alliance (SFA).

A primary objective of Sustainable Forestry SCIO research is to yield information on site specific changes in carbon as native woodland develops. This is achieved through monitoring which provides robust data to enable changes in carbon stocks in both vegetation and soils to be assessed. Carbon is monitored using a consistent and repeatable methodology over the long-term.

The development of a repeatable sampling and reporting structure for gains in above ground carbon sequestration, directly attributable to the development of new native woods allows permanent and verifiable gains in woodland carbon sequestration over 200 years.

The monitoring and recording Sustainable Forestry SCIO is supporting is increasing the body of scientific knowledge concerning changes in soil and tree carbon stocks, which will ultimately enable a calculation of the net carbon benefits native forests can bring.

Sustainable Forestry SCIO is a registered Scottish Charity No SC043508