Sustainable Forestry SCIO is engaged in a range of activities related to the practise and demonstration of sustainable management of native woodland and related research. To achieve this it runs an annual Small Grants programme and a decennial Large Grant programme which builds on the research initiated by the Scottish Forest Alliance (SFA).

The charity has a particular focus on understanding how sustainable forest projects contribute to biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation. It encourages and supports research in these fields and collects and maintains a unique long term data set related to the fourteen SFA forest sites. The aim of this work is to understand not only the carbon flows within new native woodland but also how woodland ecology develops as a native wood matures, and how species and habitats respond and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

As well as encouraging the collection, analysis and dissemination of data, Sustainable Forestry SCIO raises awareness of the contribution sustainable management of native woodland can make to improving the environment, conserving the natural heritage and the vitality of communities. A key role of Sustainable Forestry SCIO is to encourage communication and collaboration between those with an interest in these fields of research, in order to further our common understanding of the role and value of native woodlands.

The charity aims to benefit people and communities in Scotland and beyond, notably by:

  • researching, evaluating or demonstrating the contribution of sustainable forest projects to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change;
  • demonstrating the contribution of new native woods towards biodiversity;
  • encouraging or supporting such research, dissemination of its results and the long term maintenance and evaluation of relevant data;
  • raising awareness of the contribution which sustainable management of native woodlands can make to environmental improvement, conservation of the natural heritage or the economic vitality of communities; and
  • encouraging communication and collaboration among parties interested in achieving the foregoing.

Sustainable Forestry SCIO Sustainable Forestry SCIO Sustainable Forestry SCIO Sustainable Forestry SCIO

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Sustainable Forestry SCIO is a registered Scottish Charity No SC043508