Grants Awarded by SF SCIO

£7,000 in March 2017
Awarded to Coille Alba for an Aspen Flowering study to explore the factors which affect the reproductive performance of Scottish aspen.

£7,155 in March 2017
Awarded to University of Stirling to use ancient semi-natural woodlands as reference sites to assess how secondary woodlands planted over the last century are performing in terms of their value for biodiversity.

£4,000 awarded in October 2016
Woodland Plant Introductions in Lowland Woodland. Research to establish native ground flora in woodland creation sites on arable land or improved grassland.


£1,500 awarded in October 2016
The Ecology and Genetics of Native Scottish Crab Apple (Red data book species). Understand the ecology of wild crab apple sites, where it can be planted in future and how the population can be increased.

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£1,500 awarded in October 2016
Improving the Understanding and Management of “Phoenix Trees”. Evaluate the ecological importance of Phoenix trees, raise the profile of the importance amongst forestry professionals and the public.

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